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Colour and design combine to create exciting POS


Printed Point of Sale


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It can be simple or complex but quality sells

Utilising the power of print alongside our creative manufacturing flair is a potent combination for a successful campaign.

Shelf Enhancers. We must have produced thousands, but whatever the design we know how to bring out the best and tempt customers’ eyes towards your products.

Open/Close Signs. A simple enough product, yet there are still a few ‘trade secrets’ involved in making them successful. We know the secrets.

Product Presenters. Designed to encourage Countertop sales, these sturdy presenter/dispensers were manufactured from one-piece printed PVC sheets, which were then die-cut and taped to create an instant, high-impact sales aid.

Dulux. A typical shelf glorifier, this Dulux display was produced with a vac-formed base and clear PVC box, enhanced with a printed PVC sales message. For added security we riveted in the paint can and cable tied the roller.

Yamaha. A highly original 3-D display, which we produced by screen-printing the PVC board before moulding it to shape. It was designed so that the product – a ‘horn mike’ could be incorporated into the mouth of the trumpet.