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From the smallest and simplest point of sale product; to the most creative, multi-part concept that requires a combination of production skills and manufacturing technology to create it … nothing is beyond the capabilities of North West Prototypes.


That’s why for every size of commercial organisation – from small, local manufacturers and retailers who require something cheap and cheerful; to some of the biggest and most respected brand names in the world, North West Prototypes is now the point of sale manufacturer of choice.

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POS Services


The extensive range of services provided by North West Prototypes covers every phase of the production process from the initial concept design stage, right through to final delivery of the finished product itself.


Most of the projects we handle, however, are initiated by our clients’ own designs. The reason they commission us though is because they recognise the excellent standard and reliability of our service, the high quality of our finished product and of course the exceptional value we provide.



Among the production facilities available at North West Prototypes are some of the latest and most advanced vacuum forming processes, which, thanks to our in-house tool making expertise, enable us to manufacture the most innovative and intricate profiles and shapes. Among our POS success stories have been lifelike rock faces, giant telephones, chocolate bars, blocks of timber, clocks … and even smoke-breathing dragons.


Allied to our unique skills in vac forming, other in-house manufacturing facilities include heat bending and routering, plus a wide range of assembly and finishing processes that form a crucial aspect of our full-service capabilities.


We also incorporate a comprehensive screen-printing service that enables us to create the most realistic and eye-catching plastic units, but by printing on card and combining this into our plastic designs we can also create high impact POS complete with exciting colours and eye-catching headlines, plus where required, the ability to include clear easy-to-read sales messages.


Our long experience in POS design and manufacture has helped us solve many problems on behalf of our clients. On numerous occasions it is our input that has ensured the success of the project, especially when something ‘off the wall’ is desired, or a particular technical addition, such as sound, lights or other special effect is required.


Whenever you need expert help … we have the expertise to provide it!