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Perspex Displays


Top names trust us to match their POS ambitions

We like to work with Perspex. It is a strong, attractive and extremely versatile material that has a crucial role to play in point of sale production.

Sony Ericcson. A secure, powerful presentation for this Walkman was the requirement. We achieved it by using 3mm Perspex that had an eye-catching day-glo edge. For added impact we overprinted a strong sales message.

John Lewis. Although this unit is a simple leaflet dispenser, its very simplicity is its strength. It was constructed using sturdy, printed and profiled Perspex pieces that were connected by four metal interscrew posts.

Baileys. The point of sale display literally mirrors the quality and style of this famous drink. We manufactured it using mirrored Perspex in a rich shade of gold.

NSPCC. There are collection boxes and there are … well, our colourfully printed vac-formed top and the robust, secure structure of the printed Perspex box simply cannot be ignored.