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Size, colour, creativity - the right combination for impact

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Large Products & Displays


The client said he wanted a seven-foot tall door

Does size matter? Well sometimes it does, and often the sheer imposing scale of the display can very often become a key factor for success.

Doorway. We had to use a variety of materials, plus all our experience and ingenuity to create this lifesize doorway. Materials included foamcore board, cardboard and a vac-formed door and columns. Then we vac-formed the knocker and letterbox, sprayed on the ‘brass’ effect and then stuck them in position.

Sales Reps’ Presenters. We have produced many bespoke product presentation packs, including these for Müller. The vac-formed case and oversized yoghurt tub include clever details such as case-clips and cut-out foam product display inserts.

Postboxes. Over the years we have manufactured a number of postboxes in a wide range of sizes and colours for various promotional campaigns.

Terry’s Chocolate. We produced this giant-size, authentic looking Chocolate Orange and placed into a large heat formed printed box. It looked just like the real thing only many times larger and it created a striking counter display.

Warburtons. Imagine seeing a large delivery truck, complete with a load of bread, parked up at the end of a supermarket aisle. That’s the impression we helped to create with this lifelike display.

Cow & Gate. The sales impact came firstly from the sheer size of this giant Cow & Gate tub, but reinforcing it was our oversized yet accurate reproduction of the distinctive original product graphics.