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Countertop Displays


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From creams to contact lenses we help build business

Presenting products in an attractive way is a key part of the selling process, but our experience in this specialist field has helped many companies achieve their targets.

Marks & Spencer. We employed a combination of a vac-formed product holder, plus a printed boxboard backdrop to present this range of beauty aids.

Allergy Answers. This neat dispenser included a combination of fabrication techniques including vac-formed sides, heat-bent styrene and clear ‘bubbles’ representing the allergy protection provided. As an additional sales aid, the unit featured an adjustable ‘pollen count guide’.

Mister Men Books. Specially designed and constructed in vac-formed plastic to accommodate the unique sized Mister Men books, this display/dispenser also incorporated a printed header and base.

Nescafé. Designed to dispense self-serve cups and lids, an important feature of this unit was the stylish vinyl logo stickers.

Hayfever Centre. With colourful printed sides, header and base, this attractive and eye-catching display provided a powerful point of purchase presence.

NiQuitin CQ. We employed vac-formed styrene to create this free standing dispenser along with a strong product identity based design. Clear pockets kept the product in place and in view.

Sola. Stylish simplicity was the key to this literature dispenser for contact lens products. The main elements were a vac-formed PVC tower with a brushed aluminium foil base.